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DCC Waterbeds

Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds

What is a DCC Waterbed?

DCC Waterbeds (Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds) are a thick, water-filled rubber bladder system used as a bedding solution in the dairy industry worldwide. DCC Waterbeds are made using multiple layers of virgin rubber for durability and two layers of nylon webbing for strength. Long sections of rubber are vulcanized around a pattern, resulting in a roll of individual beds, one for each cow. The patented dual-chamber design features a baffle that divides the bed into a pillow for the cow’s knees and a larger cushion for the cow’s body. The rear edge is beveled at a 35-degree angle, providing a smooth transition from the waterbed surface to the stall surface.

DCC Waterbeds provide cow comfort advantages similar to sand and deep-bedded stalls, but without the challenges of manure management, ongoing materials cost and intensive labor. DCC Waterbeds will never pack, require little to no additional bedding, and research has shown that they perform equal to or better than other leading cow-comfort solutions.

DCC Waterbeds

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Why DCC Waterbeds?

  • Superior cow comfort.
    Cushions pressure points, portects hocks, increases lying times
  • Improves herd health
    Clean and dry environment, low somatic cell count, less mastitis, improved hoof health
  • Easy to maintain
    No additional bedding required, dries quickly, easy to clean
  • Lowers bedding costs
    Lowest lifetime cost per stall, will never pack, 15-20 year life expectancy, 10-year warranty, easy installation
  • Compatible with technology
    Less wear on miling systems, provides clean manure stream for manure management

History of DCC Waterbeds?

The first single-chamber cow waterbeds were installed in North America in 1999 by Dean Throndsen, president and CEO of ACT. Those single-chamber beds are providing the same level of comfort today as they were the first day they were installed, a testament to the durability of the product.

However, Throndsen recognized that developing a dual-chamber design would help ensure support for the cow’s knees on descent, as well as ensure even support once the cow is lying down. Throndsen patented the dual-chamber bed (U.S. Patent No. 6,935,271) and introduced DCC Waterbeds in 2003. The dual-chamber design revolutionized industry perception of the dairy cow waterbed and opened the door for growth.

DCC Waterbeds are in hundreds of thousands of stalls world wide. And, with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, our farmers and their cows know that DCC Waterbeds stand the test of time in providing maximum cow comfort.

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