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Drinking Post Waterers

Fresh, Clean Water Every Time

Hot, stagnant water in the summer? High electric bills to heat your water all winter? Uh, no thanks, we’re good!

With Drinking Post Waterers, thirsty animals press their nose to the paddle in an empty bowl. Fresh, clean water instantly fills the bowl. The bowl fills as long as the animal presses the paddle. Because the valve is located below the local frostline, the water is roughly 50 F / 10 C year-round. This means fresh cool water in the summer and fresh warm water in the winter.

Nothing has greater influence on the overall well being of horse, cattle, or livestock than water intake.
Because of this, maximizing water intake year round should be a primary goal in the management of all livestock and animals.

One of the most crucial elements to maximizing water intake of animals is to ensure they have uninhibited access to clean fresh water.

Welcome to Frost Free Automatic Watering!

With Drinking Posts, all standing water is below the frost line when not in use, this means:

  • No Electricity
  • No Minimum Head Count
  • No Insulation
  • ~50F/10C Water Year Round
  • Fresh, Clean Water with Every Use
  • No Algae Growth
  • No Thermos System
  • No Hassles!

Drinking Post Installation Specs

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