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Steinway Equipment- Ohio

Stein-way Equipment was founded as a family owned and operated business in 1976 by Oris Steiner. Oris began manufacturing his own line of quality barn equipment in a farm shop, then in 1993 the business moved to its present location in Kidron, OH. Stein-way Equipment has earned a reputation for building heavy duty, custom fit barn equipment at economical prices. We specialize in manufacturing equipment for your barn to fit your specific requirements.

Steinway Equipment

Steinway Equipment- Pennsylvania

In 2001 Joe and Doretta(daughter of Oris) Speicher began selling Stein-way Equipment in Pennsylvania.


Stein-way manufactures free stalls, auto release self-locks(head locks), custom fit barn gates, stock pasture gates, tie stalls, Bale Boss Hay Feeders (available with trailer or wagon packages). By special request we also manufacture fair pens, gutter grating, calf pens, stainless steel waterers, and more.

Beyond that we sell other products to complement our line… DCC Waterbeds, Miraco waterers, Jug Waterers, Ritchie Waterers, Shaefer Ventilation, Winco Generators, Easy Way Cattle Mineral Feeders and more.

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