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Freestall Mounting Systems

Keep Your Cows Clean and Comfortable

As with everything around here, we believe in quality, PERIOD. Our stalls are heavy duty. And with one of the best coatings in the industry, our stalls will not disappoint. We offer a variety of mounting options that are sure to fit your needs.

Suspended Double Rail System

A suspended double rail system is our answer for farmers asking for more flexibility in their free-stall barns. This system will provide your cows with superior lunge space that is free of obstructions. It will also give you the flexibility of adjusting the height and width of your stalls to fit any size of cow without having to remove the rails or mounting hardware. this system is designed to hold your stalls and hardware above sand and manure solids for extra durability and longer life.

  • Provides superior lunge space
  • Is stronger than a single beam system
  • Eliminates many posts in the floor or concrete
  • Is fully adjustable (stall width and height)
  • Is easy to install
  • Keeps mounting hardware out of sand for longer life
  • Works for any size of cow
  • Utilizes simple, heavy duty clamps instead of U bolts for superior strength
  • Utilizes galvanized 3″ square tubing for superior strength and durability
  • Works with any of our stall designs
Suspended Double Rail

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Double Rail System

Our conventional double rail system is a proven, rugged design that allows quick and easy adjustment to the width of your stalls. This system is a great choice for head to head mounting and especially an outside row if you are worried about the extra stress to your mounting posts caused by a single beam or suspended double rail system. This can also be a more economically priced mounting system in comparison to a suspended double rail, especially when mounting to an outside rail.

Our Conventional Double Rail System

  • Is a trusted reliable way of mounting freestalls
  • Eliminates many posts in the floor or concrete
  • Allows quick and easy adjustment to stall width
  • Is easy to install
  • Works with any of our stall disigns
  • Utilizes heavy duty clamps for extreme duraility
  • Utilizes 2″x4″ tubing for maximum strength and durability
Double Rail Mounting System for Free Stalls

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Wood Post Bracket

Small details, Big difference. Our free stall stubs with plate are our standard way of mounting our free stalls. We designed our bracket to fit inside our free stall tube. We believe this is superior to mounting a free stall with a typical sleeve due to the fact that a sleeve design catches and accumulates manure, sand, and moisture. This creates wear points and causes corrosion which reduces the life span of your free stall. Our design sheds these materials which lengthens the life of your free stall.

Wood Post Bracket for Free Stalls

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