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Calf Gates

Flexible Solutions for Calves

Solutions for Your Calf Herd

We designed our calf nursery system for farmers who wanted a better way to raise calves. The most common frustrations of raising calves are typically feeding them, cleaning their pens, and staying disease free. The concept of this design is to bring your calves into a well ventilated structure but maintain individual housing, which is a crucial element in maintaining a healthy calf herd. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to consistently and effortlessly feed, clean, and water every time, every day. The small gates are adjustable up and down to accommodate different calf sizes. Cleaning is a breeze as well. Simply remove a clip from each plastic panel (these clean very well) and slide the panel out. You can pick up either end of the steel front and and swing it out which allows you to clean out your pens with a skid loader. This calf nursery system was also designed with durability in mind. We hot dip galvanize the steel components of this system after fabrication, which provides a vastly superior finish to competitors who use pre-galvanized material and spray their welds with zinc rich paint. We believe hot dip galvanizing is a crucial component to longevity in a moisture rich environment like calf pens and nursery systems.

Calf Nursery System

Calf Nursery Systems Features

  • Available in 8′ and 12′
  • Adjustable mounting hardware (for ease of installation and to adapt for size of calf)
  • Removable corrugated plastic dividers
  • Removable bucket holder
  • Uniquely shaped bottle holder
  • Main frame swings from either end for cleaning
  • Premium coating -Hot dipped galvanized-
Calf Gate

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