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401 Freezeless Hydrant

Designed to last a lifetime.

401 Freezeless Hydrant

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Welcome to an innovative hydrant designed to perform and uphold years of vigorous use. This hydrant was designed by “Plumber John” who has been supplying and serving plumbing needs for farmers and home owners in the Holmes County, Ohio vicinity for over thirty years. He was continually seeking a water hydrant that he could depend on and feel good about installing for his clients. Imagine a hydrant that won’t succumb to corrosion, is built to withstand years of use and weather and is simply dependable. Not finding the hydrant he was looking for, Plumber John decided to design his own. Here it is! The 401 Freezeless Hydrant is “the hydrant”. Enjoy the satisfaction.

  • Wide stainless steel girth assures rocker arm longevity and strength.
  • Special stainless steel rocker design eliminates most wear points.
  • All stainless steel swivel. Easy plunger seal adjustment with only two bolts removal.
  • Adjusting variable water flow and working the handle is a pleasure with the all stainless swivel.
  • Removable packing allows plunger seal to be changed without removing hydrant head. This also allows the hydrant to be set against a wall.
  • One piece stainless steel rod and pipe will not rust.
  • Locally made in Holmes County, Ohio.
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